Call for papers - Ethics in training in Community Psychology

This special issue on "Ethics in training in Community Psychology" is committed to presenting the results of this international research, as well as receiving other proposals for the production of knowledge that are linked to the subject under investigation. It is intended to contribute to the development of a panorama on the formation in Community Psychology in Latin America, explaining how the ethical dimension is worked, with the expectation of contributing with the improvement of the professional formation and aiming to qualify the work practices developed in the different community scenarios.

The original articles may be submitted until November 30, 2018 via internet, by registering the author at the e-mail address of the Pesquisas e Práticas Psicossociais magazine ( .php / revista_ppp / about / submissions). The results of the research carried out, theoretical studies and critical reviews of the literature in the field of ethics in Community Psychology will be accepted, as well as accounts of professional experience that express that concern. The special issue is scheduled for publication in the first half of 2019.