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SuperSU apk download for free.

por Mark Walker (2017-07-18)

Download the latest version of SuperSU APK from the link provided below. Today SuperSU has been updated to version 2.78, which is currently a beta version and may contain some errors, but still, it comes with many new features for developers and Android power users. The list of new features and changes in SuperSU 2.61 are listed below. Chainfire has recently started to work on system less rooting system for Android devices, which is currently in the experimental phase.

SuperSU 2.60 and above is currently in beta phase and is not available in Play Store, so you have to download the APK file of SuperSU in order to install it on your rooted Android device.

If you have no idea about Android rooting, then SuperSU might not be a cup of tea for you. SuperSU is a powerful tool to manage the root access for your applications in an easy way. Definitely, for using SuperSU, you must need to have a rooted device. SuperSU has been developed and maintained by Chainfire, who is a very active contributor in Android development family. You can visit his website @

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